Monday, 9 August 2010

Up, up and away...

Thanks to my inventive brother a group of us spent a lovely day flying kites down in Largs on Saturday. Sunshine, sea breeze and a 50 foot chinese dragon to keep us amused.

There was something very relaxing about flying a kite, looking up at the sky and watching it...well, fly...sort of like meditating I would imagine. I've often tried to meditate but find it difficult to clear my mind. I think I probably have reached meditative states unintentionally, like during staff meetings at work when I can tune out quite easily and go into a trance like state.

More and more I like the idea of living by the sea. Having seagulls as neighbours isn't quite so appealing, though they seem to be a bit better behaved these days, and certainly much better behaved than my current neighbours.

I've had enough of looking at a computer screen for one day so that's all for now.

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