Thursday, 9 February 2012


Since the start of 2012 I've felt like the creative side of my brain stayed behind in 2011. I've been trying hard to write and it's just not been flowing so instead of trying to force a project I started working on at the end of 2011, I turned to a new challenge. Writing prose using only 5 letter words and then a snippet of a story (?) using only 4 letter words. I've discovered I can only complete these tasks by scribbling in a notebook which makes me wonder if that helps me access a different side of my creative brain as when I write longer prose I always type. If I ever attempt to write poetry I usually need to handwrite that too. Any other writers reading this have a similar experience? Writing these also made me realise how much I love language and words. But I guess all writers must be a bit in love with words...:)

So here's the results below, starting with the 5 letter prose:


Glass tears cried under night skies. Fears wound round hopes, kills dream. Arise lunar magic. Chase angst; grief given wings. Faded ghost flies where stars blaze; their light heals tired lives. Clock stops after final music plays.

Dead Soul

“Lola what?”
“Just Lola.”
Kurt knew this type: Fool.
Lola knew this type: Prat.
Kurt knew this town. Dump.
Lola said, “Dunn lost. Just like here.”
“Lost what?” said Kurt.
“ Lost soul make dead life.”
“Fine here. Life here good!” said Kurt.
“Eyes shut. Open them.”
“Wide open, girl.”
“Kurt deny?”
“Kurt think Lola real dumb girl.”
“Life have pain with lost love.”
“Find more love then.”
“Just like that?”
“Just like that. Easy.” said Kurt.
“Kurt love?”
“Love none baby. Just f*** - stay free!”
“Sure, keep mind open. Mind free…then find love. That make long life.” said Lola.
“Okay, done here. Read over, print name, sign…”
“Take care, Kurt. Your eyes look dead. Feed soul.”
Then Lola left.
Dead eyes? Kurt felt fear.


  1. Great idea, Vikki - and a lovely photo to inspire. Very clever pieces using only words of those syllables. Hope it has kick-started the creativity. I do think writing with pen and paper makes a difference. I can write poetry only in that way first. And I get more of the novel wriiten with a pen in a cafe!

  2. Interesting exercise, Vikki. Surely that sent your creative juices flowing? And yes, I think all writers have a love affair with words. I certainly do.

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies. It definitely helped to get me in more of a creative mood again!

  4. I really loved these. I have never tried doing this kind of exercise, but it is inspirational. All kinds of ideas for stories come to mind from the beautiful images in your five-letter prose.
    I'm certain you're right about writers being in love with words.

  5. Wonderful! It's amazing what you have done with four or five letter words. I think that writing with pencil and paper which is what I do when I start anything new, uses the right hand side or creative side of your brain, whilst typing uses the left - but I may be wrong!
    Good Luck with your writing!

  6. Thanks for your comments Joanna and Jean. I find these types of exercises really challenging but lots of fun! And it is a great way of inspiring images/characters that hopefully can be used in later stories, Joanna! And I think you are probably right, Jean, that writing with pen and paper allows the right brain to take over! Thanks for dropping by.

  7. That is such an interesting exercise! Perhaps I will suggest it when we are stuck for an activity at our writers' group. Well done on meeting the challenge of only using words of a specific length. Very effective.

  8. Thanks Joanne! I'm sure your writing group would have fun giving something like this a go