Sunday, 23 June 2013

New York Part 3 ~ Greenwich Village

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Washington Square Park

I didn't intend to leave such a long gap before posting my third and final instalment of my New York trip- so here it is at last!
Seeing as I went on a two hour walking trip of Greenwich Village (and because it's such a cool part of the city) I thought it deserved a seperate post. The photo above was my first view of this area of town, Washington Square Park, which was particularly lovely in the sunshine. It's a great park to sit in and people watch.

We went on the walking tour later in the week when it was raining and quite cold (this was also the day we did the 2 hour bike tour round Central Park - both were pre-booked so it was just unfortunate that they fell on the one rainy day of the trip. But we're Scots, so we could handle it...) If you're ever in NY I highly recommend checking out the Free Walking Tour website (The expectation is you will tip generously and you will want to as it's really informative!). You can choose which part of the city interests you most then book in a slot and you meet your tour guide at a set time/place.
Our guide was great and really knew her stuff. She gave us a fascinating run-down of the history of Greenwich Village- the locals here fought to keep out the large sky scrapers dominating downtown (and it's all the prettier because of that).

The Village is now dominated by celebrities, probably because they're the only ones who can afford the accommodation (which is now into the millions!) The hazy photo above is the swanky private court where Benedict Cumberbatch lives (the guide said she saw him moving in during one of her tours - just my luck it wasn't our tour!).

A lot of artists and writers used to live around this part of town. She showed us where Edgar Allan Poe used to live (and the medical centre he attended). His house was converted into a school and people fought to keep part of the original wall so that it wouldn't be completely lost.
We walked past the famous Minetta Tavern (below), which was in the Beatnik part of the Village. Writers such as Ginsberg and Kerouac used to hang out here. There's a sense of stepping back in time walking around this part of town. If I return to New York I think I'd like to spend more time here, sitting in one of the famous bars.

Another great little building was The Cherry Lane Theatre (below). Our guide told us Barbara Streisand started her career here, starting off working behind the scenes for years, before getting her lucky break. It would have been great to see a play here. It still attracts big names.

She also showed us the last wooden house to exist in New York (below) and also the building which was used as the exterior shot for Friends (the one on the right, below). One important stop for me (which we returned to on our last day) was the famous Magnolia Bakery (made famous thanks to Sex and the City!). I'd heard it does the most amazing cup cakes and I was not disappointed - the frosting on top of the cake was so soft it was like eating ice cream. A perfect last treat before leaving the city:) Ah New York, I love you.

Wooden House


Friends Building


  1. This is fascinating, Vikki. It makes me want to visit New York so much. The styles of the buildings are so diverse and so atmospheric in their different ways. You really packed in a great many sights and must have so many fantastic memories. Definitely top of the list for our next family holiday. x

  2. Hope you do manage a trip there, Joanna - I'm sure you'd all love it!

  3. Wow, now I want to go! Thanks for this fascinating post Vikki!


    1. Thanks for dropping by, Nas. Writing about my trip has made me want to go back!

  4. Another excellent overview of your trip!

  5. I've really enjoyed your posts about New york, Vikki. I haven't been to Greenwich Village, but it looks really interesting. I especially like the theatre where Barbra Streisand started her career, I'd love to see that!

  6. Thanks, Mum and thanks, Jean. I really wish I'd had more time there, Jean, to see a show at the Cherry Lane!