Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Flash Fiction Publications

In the past wee while I've had some success with my flash fiction appearing in online journals. I love the challenge of telling a story in as few words as possible, and I think short works can sometimes have the most impact. This form has taught me a lot about character development and the senses.

Here are links to some of my stories:

Ghosts is published in Issue III of the Scottish Journal The Grind. My story is in Part B and you can download the journal by clicking here 

My story Once Ours is published at Word Bohemia. You can read this here

My story Baby appeared at FlashFlood journal on National Flash Fiction day back in June. You can read that here  

And this techincally can't be called a flash fiction story (or can it?!) as it's only 50 words. My story Into the Woods can be read here at Fifty Word stories

 The Scottish Book Trust run monthly 50 word story competitions. If you're up for the challenge check out details of that here


  1. Well done, Vikki! You've been working hard with great success!

  2. It's great to get these short pieces published, Vikki - gets your name out there!

  3. Lovely pieces, Vikki. How challenging they are to write and how fascinating to read when so much meaning is concentrated into just a few lines. Congratulations on your success. x

  4. Congratulations on all these successes Vikki - each piece is so individual and really comes to life. Love the use of the senses, mmm, lemon! I think i'm going to try the 50 word competition soon. Again, CONGRATS :) x

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! Glad I succeeded in bringing the stories to life - it's funny but I think I make more of the senses sometimes in flash fiction which is a good lesson for the longer pieces too! Good luck with the 50 word comp:) x

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