Monday, 20 July 2015

Keeping it (un)real

About time I did another update on here! There has been some progress on the book front since I last posted. You can now see a 'Coming Soon' blurb for Follow Me on my publisher's website: This makes it all feel very real!!

I'm writing under my full name, Victoria, as I don't want there to be any mix ups with the erotic writer Nikki Gemmell. Plus, people always spell Vikki wrong. And it's also kind of nice using my full name for a change.

As the publication date draws ever nearer, there has been a mix of putting on my 'edits' and sensible 'business' hats- thinking about promotional things, filling out applications to become part of an author database (which I'll post about when my profile goes live).
And then the fun parts, where I get to immerse myself in more creativity - putting together  my author website, Pinterest board and Instagram page. (If you click on those titles it will take you to my pages).

I'm a very visual writer and I've had fun searching for photos on Pinterest, (and also taking my own photos and putting together collages), to pin to my board and Instagram pages. This gives you a glimpse into how I visualise parts of 'the Barn' to look (the underground hangout place in my book) and other aspects of my story.

The challenge at the moment is switching between my day-job brain, up-and-coming publication excitement, and maintaining a focus on newer pieces of writing. I was thinking the other weekend that it's important to leave some time aside to just daydream- let your mind go on a wander whilst you listen to some music, draw something, read something, have some inspiring conversation, visit new places...

Sometimes if I have a quiet moment at the weekend I like to visit a café and a friend mentioned spotting a place called Mad Hatter's. When you look at the title of my blog it isn't hard to guess that this might be a café I'd want to visit... It was a great little place to take some time out and drink hot chocolate (which was VERY good!). I loved their Alice In Wonderland tea pots. The next time I'm in I'll have to get some photos. This is their facebook page here

Happy daydreaming!