Creative Corner

Writing Success


Into the Woods - A 50 word story published at Fifty Word Stories

Once Ours - Flash Fiction pulished in Word Bohemia

Ghosts - Flash Fiction published in Issue III of the Scotttish Journal The Grind. Download the journal here
Bab- Flash Fiction published in FlashFlood Journal 
At The Fair - Flash Fiction published in Postcard Shorts

Empty Orchestra - Flash Fiction published by The Puffin Review

Second Place - Constable Novel Competition at Scottish Association of Writers Conference
Commended - Flash Fiction Competition at SAW Conference 

Pop Goes the Gun published in Issue 16 of  The Bohemyth Literary Journal

Exposure Runner up in the 2,500 word category of Words with Jam Bigger Short Story Comp- Published in the WWJ Anthology An Earthless Melting Pot


Dust published in Issue 2 of FlashFlood Journal

Stolen Third Prize in the Multi-story Flash Fiction Competition (published at

Highly Commended in Writers' Forum Short Story Competition


Performance flash fiction published in Spilling Ink Review Issue 2 (no longer online)

Winner of the TC Farries Trophy at the Scottish Association of Writers Conference for YA Novel

Art Work

At the end of last year I signed up for The Sketchbook Project 
You can view my completed Sketchbook titled 'Getting Lost' here which is part of the SPB 2013 tour. 

Sample of some of my other art below

Tick Tock
Cat on the Moon
Masquerade Dance
Celtic Cross


Birds in a Line outside Central Park, NY
Eiffel Tower
Dusk - London
Toy Shop Reflection, London

The High Line, NY
Westminster Cathedral - York
Black Birds - Venice

Misty Lake - Vancouver

Creepy Tree - Venice

Moon and Tree - Paisley


  1. Beautiful work, Vikki. You're so talented. I love the Celtic Cross and the misty lake in Vancouver. x

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Joanna, and for your encouraging comments! x

  2. Love the new page and that misty lake is stunning!

    1. Thanks, Mum! That misty lake has remained a favourite photo from my Vancouver travels

  3. A great addition to your blog, Vikki. My favourite picture? Masquerade!

    1. Thanks, Joan! I like the mystery of masquerade type pictures...

  4. Beautiful artwork, Vikki and some wonderful writing. Multi-talented! Thank you for letting me know about your blog.

  5. Hi Margaret, Thanks a lot for dropping by and for leaving a comment. I've been quite bad at keeping it up to date lately!