Tuesday, 24 May 2011

3 Letter Word Stories

I'd forgotten about this fun little writing task I set myself a couple of years ago. Amazing what stories you can create by just using 3 letter words. Off to try some 4 letter word, 5 letter word stories now...Please leave your efforts in the comments section for fun:)


The cat ate the mat and the man got mad; all day his cat ate and ate; he'd fed him too but the cat was fat and the man did ask for the vet but the vet got mad and the man got sad and let the cat eat his new mat and the cat ate the kid who had bit his paw and the cat ate the kid who had hit the dog….the man got too sad; his cat was too bad and not fun and not rad. The bad cat who ate the mat.


Sam Zen was the man, the sex god. Sam was fly and the guy got the eye all day.

"Hey Sam!" Lou was the hot gal Sam had the eye for but Sam was too fly for the one gal. Ten, yes. Not one.

"Hey Man! Dig the car!" Joe let Sam buy his rad car. Why? Sam did not ask. But Joe too had the eye for Sam. Joe was gay. All day Joe saw Sam act the man, sip his gin...Hah! And Joe was gay?

Sam was all set for the day; had his pot, had his gin, his new car, his gun. The sun was hot. The day was top dog.

Sam got out his car. Got out his gun and hit the tin can off 'Hit Row.' Sam let rip. Bam. Bam. Bam! One tin can...two...Sam hit low. Sam hit his toe. Doh! Not fly. Dim guy!

"Wah!" Sam let out. "Ahh!"

His gal, Sal saw Sam sob. Man, Sam was wet.

"Shh! Sit!" Sal got the toe, got her pin out the kit and got the tin can lid..."Sip the gin, Sam."

Sam had his gin and had his pot. "AHH!"

Sal cut his toe. Sal was mad you see. Saw Sam and 'shy' Val...Sam and Eve...Sam and Jen...Jan....He'd lie. Sam was sly - say he'd one gal - her. Hah. Now who was the dim one!

"Sal! The toe!...the toe! You cut the toe off...you cow!"

Sal got one tin can for the toe. She saw Sam sob and cry.

"But why Sal? Why?"

"Bye Sam Zen," She set off.

His toe Sal cut off she now got out the tin can and had for her tea. Ham, pea and toe. Yum! The end for Sam Zen and his big toe.


Fat Boy met his pal Old Man Bud and sat all day and saw the sun set low. The sun was red. The sky was red. Fat Boy ate his pie and Old Man Bud lit his fag. The air was hot. The air was tar.

Old Man Bud let out the bee; he’d got the bee out the jar he’d got out his car. Fat Boy saw the bee fly and fly and Old Man Bud let out: Say, Fat Boy. Gee, see the bee fly…It’s got big too…how can the bee fly? And not dip and die? Fat Boy, how… why?

Fat Boy saw Old Man Bud get sad; saw him nod; saw him sob – now he’d cry.

Now you…Fat Boy met his eye. See the sun. You are old, yes, but you are the bee. You are the joy. You are the wit…not the old git not yet, not for now.

Old Man Bud saw the sky ask him: Why cry? Yes, you die. But not now. For now you fly. For now, you are the bee.

Old Man Bud saw the joy... He’d not rot yet. Fat Boy saw him run; saw him jig; saw him rap, saw him tap. His pal – Old Man Bud.

Pat Woo and The Sun

One day Pat Woo saw the sun dip and tip out the sky.
”Wow! See the sun!”

Pat Woo saw the sun run and Pat ran too. The sun set off for the day. One sun ray hit the ill cow. Pat saw the cow fly – set out for the sky.

“Moo! Pat Woo! The cow can fly!”

Pat Woo saw the sun run and dip. Its ray hit the old rat. The old rat was lit. The rat got fit – saw the sky; his old eye now new. The rat saw the sun; saw Pat Woo.

“Pat Woo! The rat can see!”

One ray hit the cod. Pat Woo saw its fin dip; saw the cod nod and the cod got out the sea net.

“Pat Woo! The cod will not die!”
”Hot sun you are ace.” Pat Woo had joy for the sun.

The sun had fun. Pat Woo did too – the day Pat Woo saw the sun dip and tip out the sky.


  1. These are fab Vikki! Love 'Sam Zen' - its got great rhythm, like a poem almost? I might try this challenge myself! :)

  2. Thanks Rebecca!:) You should give it a go! It's a fun challenge

  3. Very creative! I can't think of one at the moment.

  4. veryyyyyyyy nice work. actu on job people specially mother thy don't get enough time to create such nice n easy work so fr ppl likeme its really a blessing

  5. Hello Vikky, I, m a big fan of your work, and will really like to have your permission to use some of your work to teach preschoolers in my country, and to prepare books for their use. May I please?