Sunday, 4 March 2012


It's been a while since I've done any drawing or painting so I made sure I devoted some time to getting creative this weekend. Usually writing is given priority over any other creative activity but I think my head is too full of training lessons I've been delivering at work to make room for any other words just now. So then I got to thinking why not produce some pictues instead...and this was what I came up with (one of them was a picture I started about 4 years ago and is now finally complete! Even if it takes me a while, I always finish what I start...)

I'd forgotten how relaxing drawing can be - it's a good way for my mind to totally switch off and listening to music makes it an even more enjoyable experience. (my soundtrack for the pictures above was Evanescence in case you're curious). I also love the fact that all I need is a blank piece of paper and a black pen (it has to be a Visible M bic pen)to keep me entertained.


  1. There you go, Vikki, if you can finish that wonderful picture . . . you can finish that novel!

  2. Your pictures are beautiful, really stunning. One of my daughters loves drawing with a black pen, but I don't think she has a Visible M. She will be very interested in that.
    It is good to feel certain you will finish what you start. I am the same. I get there in the end, but it has to be in my own time-scale.
    Well done for such a creative weekend.

  3. These are pure quality man. My favourite is the one with the clock face and the hand.

  4. I love these, Vikki - especially the masked face and butterfly. I'm so pleased you're using this other creative talent again! And I love Evanescence - so appropriate for the drawings.

  5. Lovely pictures, Vikki. Sometimes it must be difficult for you to decide which medium to work in!

  6. Thanks Jean- defintely need to apply some of this motivation to my book now.

    Thanks Joanna. It's a very ordinary pic type pen - I'm sure your daughter will be able to find one easily in any stationary type shop.

    Cheers Mr Sneaky (John I am presuming!?)

    Thanks Mum - I knew you'd like the masquerade one! And it's about time I got down to doing some proper art again.

    Thanks Joan - it can be difficult to decide between mediums but usually my mood dictates.

  7. *That was supposed to read Bic type pen!