Monday, 12 September 2011

As Dust Dances 2/15ths

The random song posts are back as I was needing some inspiration to kick start my writing again and this seems to work for me. The song is by Biffy Clyro (who seem to come on a lot when I have my MP3 player on random)and below is my poem. It's been a while since I've written proper poetry, and it could be said I'm still not, seeing as this breaks rules with erratic rhyming and bad punctuation. It's quite a melancholy poem for which I blame the weather.

As Dust Dances 2/15ths

I predicted your last goodbye
like watching time unfold and knowing it will be told
You can hold the moment, lock it in a memory
but you know and I know that soon
it will become a trace, soon the clocks will erase
and it will change, and we will become dust.
The mirror with a lost reflection, distorting the next direction
You cannot be followed, I cannot trail it back
The pictures and the words never capture
everything that was true, everything that was you.


  1. Oh, I do like your poem, Vikki - very creative!

  2. Really lovely, bitter sweet :) ...for some bizarre reason it makes me think of Labyrinth!?! ...Luuurve the pic as want one of those! :D xxx

  3. Thanks ma.
    Lorna the photo rather than the poem makes me think of Labyrinth. (and I know you like them, maybe Santa will be good to you this year!)

  4. HA!...That wasn't a hint!!! lol.
    The Clocks, Dust, Mirrors etc...makes me think of the end of Labyrinth :) ...Niiiiice xxx