Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Today's song is Awful, by Hole and this is a bit of stupid blog post because I'm really tired tonight and wanted to write something but my brain can't cope with anything too taxing...

So here's a list of things I think are awful:

Dark mornings


That new Haribos advert

Katie Price, Jordan, whatever the she devil calls herself these days

Ignorant people


Always joining the wrong queue (you know, when you join the shorter queue only to have the old biddy in front of you take half an hour to count out the exact change)

Nightmares that are so vivid they leave you in a daze for the rest of the day (thankfully don’t have that many nightmares)

Having to deal with overly loud/happy people first thing in the morning

Accidently eating a bit of the foil paper from a Kit Kat wrapper – eeee- this is the equivalent of someone scraping their nails down a blackboard for me

Eating a packet of fruit gums and only finding one blackcurrant one (and way too many yellows)

The fact Smarties no longer have the answer, due to them now tasting of ‘natural colouring’ with no mood enhancing E numbers

The fact I can no longer tape anything on TV because I don’t have one of those fancy box things

The way old people always moan about young people being rude then proceed to ram you in the heels with their trolleys


  1. LMAO!!! Awesome!!! ;D ...The Haribo advert! lol...I'm so with you on most of them and have had them happen to me too! I think it's a reall good post, where peeps can learn a bit more about you, can relate and laugh at your humour! FAB!!! :D xxx

  2. Oh dear, you are awful! Couldn't resist that blast from the past. Can identify with some of those - and you've reminded me about that silver paper...agh!