Friday, 28 December 2012

Year End

I'm following a bit of a tradition here and using my last blog post of the year to provide an overview of some of my favourite things from the past year (in relation to films, books, music). If I tried to write all of my favourite things from the past year I'd be here forever... Overall I really enjoyed 2012. I visited some interesting places, met inspiring and interesting new people (top of that list being my gorgeous niece) and it turned out to be quite a creative year.

A while back I wrote that I felt like there was a sense of ‘change’ taking place in 2012. Nothing major changed for me (no matter how much I maybe tried to instigate that – a lot of it was unfortunately outwith my control!) but I feel like this year has set a platform for hopefully greater things appearing over the horizon...

I received some great Christmas presents this year - one of which is the necklace in the photo above (thanks Lorna for selecting such perfect charms!). I really like the quote 'She believed she could, so she did'. I think I'm going to use that as my 2013 mantra.
After completing my sketchbook project a few weeks ago I've been feeling a bit sad as it was a great creative focus...but thanks to another great present (thanks Leona!) I've acquired something called 'This is not a book' which has pages of creative tasks, some of which I am sure will pop up on my blog throughout the year...
Hours of fun!

So here's some of my 2012 highlights:

Top Films

Cafe de Flore
I wrote a bit about this earlier in the year after seeing it at the cinema. I’ve now seen it twice more and still love it. It’s such a clever story, with the interconnecting parallels of two different families and times playing out in a dramatic and sensitive way. I love the acting; love the way it’s shot and love the soundtrack. Watch it!

Inside I’m Dancing
This film has been out for years but just got round to watching it this year and cried probably for a good ten minutes after the credits had rolled. Engaging and real characters with superb acting. If you don’t already love James McAvoy you will after watching this- guaranteed!

(This was out in 2011 but I just saw it this year). If you’re female and reading this you may have heard other females refer to the ‘Ryan Gosling effect’ and wonder what they’re going on about. It’s taken me a while to get there, but once you do, you’ll understand and this film might help you on your way... He is the king of broody coolness (that’s the best way I can think to describe him for now) and plays 'the driver' character perfectly. 'The driver' in some ways is like an old fashioned hero, doing anything to protect the woman he loves and her catch yourself at the extreme acts of violence and wonder why you’re finding his heroics so god damn attractive. It left me feeling very confused about my reaction to it, which I think it probably set out to do. True tenderness, mixed with such extreme violence must have been such a hard story to capture but the director did it well...and to a really perfect soundtrack.

The Hunger Games

Loved reading this trilogy and I thought the first of the films was a really great adaptation, though was surprised with the casting of Peeta - good acting, but visually is nothing like what I had pictured the character to look like in my head which is slightly annoying. The rest were cast really well.

Breaking Dawn Part 2
I’m a proud Twilight fan (you can slag me all you like) and this year marked the finale of the films. Awww. The first one still remains my favourite (due to the understated indie style) but this one comes in a close second. Lots of drama and a perfect little ‘Edward/Bella’ montage at the end. Which I might have cried at...

I’ve realised this section could go on forever so I’m going to stop there

Top Books

Just a few::
Two amazingly imaginative and quirky stories: The Boy with the Cuckoo Clock Heart and The Night Circus

Room took me a while to get into but once I did it was totally gripping. The author did an amazing job of capturing the ‘voice’ of the young protagonist.

Before I go to Sleep This was a really great psychological suspense novel – really cleverly written

The Perks of Being a Wallflower
I just read this recently and loved the way it was written - it seemed so simple and yet so full of depth. It reminded me a lot of Cather in the Rye, one of my favourite books.

I've just started to read Beautiful Creatures, before the film adaptation appears on screen in February. Loving it so far...

And finally I really loved reading my Mum's children's book Summer of the Eagles, published earlier in the year. It was a really sensitive, uplifting story and you can download a copy here
(and her Victorian Novella 'Mischief at Mulberry Manor' is out now so check that out too!)

Favourite Music

Once again been listening to a lot of Evanescence this year - I find it helps me draw so I had their latest album on a constant loop when I was working on my sketchbook.

Other music I've loved a lot this year are Bat For Lashes, The Civil Wars (their cover of 'Disarm' gives me serious goosebumps) and Christina Perri.

I'm going to sign off with my favourite Christina Perri song. Hope 2013 is an amazing one for you all X


  1. What a great list, Vikki - and I'm sure next year will be even greater for you. Thanks for mentioning my books! And I really love that song. That necklet is gorgeous.

  2. Thanks! Hope it is for you toox

  3. A really interesting post, Vikki - your enthusiasm is contagious. And I just love your mantra!

    1. Thanks Joan. Hope 2013 is a great year for you!

  4. A lovely post, Vikki, giving me lots of ideas to follow up. Have a wonderful 2013. x

    1. Thanks Joanna. Hope you too have a wonderful 2013!x

  5. What a good idea to reflect on 2012. Best wishes for 2013.

  6. Thanks, Myra - best wishes to you too!