Sunday, 12 February 2017

Small Stones

Last month I decided to repeat a writing challenge I tried many years ago called 'Small Stones' to kick start some creativity. When I completed this exercise the first time around it showed me how much detail you can see in every day observations if you look closely enough.

The idea behind the Small Stones challenge is to:
~ Notice one thing each day
~ Give your whole awareness to it
~ Write it down

I attempted to capture observations in a poetic and creative way. Here's a selection of my January observations below: 

Misread subway advertisement on the morning commute: Think of your perfect hell. This is it, right here - Monday morning where the grind begins again, a row of weary eyes reflecting mirrored emotion, a glimmer of who we want to be burning beneath restless hands turning the pages of today's news, lost under the city in a rattle of repeated loops. 

A teenage boy, vulnerable face, dark shadows under nervous eyes, a sigh of relief flooding his body as he walks into the comfort of a group who understand: with no questions, no judgement. They speak his language of technological puzzles, navigating night monsters into oblivion, so he can live another victorious day.

A montage from a photography class displayed above a robot with printed across his chest. A photo of a girl - one green eye, one red. Startled by a flash of realisation that she is being looked at, examined, seen - not judged - captured and suspended in a beautiful light, expressed through colour.

Red Glove: child sized, waving hello from a puddle on a dark January morning. The puddles pulled her under and this is a sign -Help, come and find me...

Girl in stilettos, walking comfortably in new shoes, head held high. Her friends are running alongside still trying to catch up with who they are.

Wooden heart laced with fake red berries, tied to a fence. A cheap remembrance of a love so rich. 

Pink hair, pink trainers, black nails and fierce eyes. Sweet and sour: Do not underestimate my power.

In January I also had a nice surprise of being a runner up in the Weegie Wednesday Shorts competition. (Weegie Wednesday is a writing networking group I have attended for years).
My short story, Only You, was broadcast on the Glasgow Hosptial Broadcasting service and was read aloud by an actress, with sound effects and music. They captured the atmosphere of Paris within the story perfectly and it was quite special to hear it 'brought to life'. 


  1. Your observations are stunning, Vikki, and so beautifully written. The image of the red glove is especially haunting. I can't think of a better way to stimulate creativity than to give your complete awareness to a small detail in this way. Congratulations on your writing successes recently. It must have been wonderful to have your story broadcast and I wish I could have heard it. I will be observing small stones too after reading this stunning post. Many thanks for sharing with us. xxx

    1. Thanks Joanna. I had a lot of fun doing the 'small stones' and I'm going to try to keep it up as it can spark off so many ideas x

  2. Absolutely love these observations, Vikki - a few of them could easily form the basis for stories. Loved Only You on the radio!

    1. Thank you - that's what I love about the small stone exercise - that they provide so much scope to be turned into larger pieces of work x

  3. These are beautiful Vikki and a great reminder to keep boosting the creativity every day. Thanks for sharing, Charlotte x

    1. Thanks for visiting, Charlotte - hope your own writing is going well x



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